Develop greater resistance to stress and strengthen your personal psychophysical strength.


With daily efforts and the fast pace of life, the signs of chronic stress are easily overlooked, but the consequences can be drastic (stress is not called a ‘silent killer’ in vain). HRV measurement detects the effects of stress before the development of the serious symptoms, which means that we can prevent burn-out, depression, chronic pain, and illness.


Based on the HRV measurement, you will receive 1-month individual program with a psychotherapy specialist, Klavdija Blažič. She will counsel you through discovery of the burnout causes, sources of strength for the necessary changes, revealed solutions for a positive, relaxed life, and the path of personal satisfaction and success.


The program includes:

- 24-hour HRV measurement with ECG device

- report and 45-minute consultation with our HRV certified expert

- 4 individual consultations (1x per week, 45 minutes)

- overview of the key stressors in your life

- insight into your individual style of stress response

- mastering effective ways of coping with stress

- introduction of regular and sufficient regeneration


The program consists of a 24-hour HRV measurement worth 280,00 eur and 1 monthly orientation program in the amount of 246,00 eur

PSYCHOTHERAPY 1-month program based on HRV measurement