Individually optimized training and cardio program with kinesiologist Boštjan Holobar.


As a part of a 1-month exercise training program, you will receive individual counseling and a program in the field of physical activity. Depending on your goals, desires and current psychophysical condition, you will receive a basic program, guidelines and advice for the appropriate type and amount of physical activity.


The program includes:

- 24-hour HRV measurement with ECG device

- report and 45-minute consultation with our HRV certified expert

- 4 individual consultations (1x per week, 45 minutes)

- Basic recommendations on the type and amount of physical activity

- Schedule and table of physical activity monitoring


Regular and adequate physical activity improves general well-being, increases energy levels, improves sleep, strengthens muscle and bone health, improves cardiovascular health, reduces the likelihood of certain chronic diseases, helps regulate weight, has anti-inflammatory effects, improves fitness and contributes to longevity.


Balance your mental, emotional and physical strength :)


The program consists of a 24-hour HRV measurement worth 280,00 eur and 1 monthly orientation program in the amount of 246,00 eur

KINESIOLOGY 1-month program based on HRV measurement