- We will send the ECG device to your address

- Make a simple 24-hour measurement

- Receive a report and 45-minute consultation with our HRV certified expert.


Our experts give you all the support you need and improve your lifestyle today: COMPLEX and EASY.


Receive a reminder to repeat the measurement within 3-4 months to review the progress.

BASIC 24-hour Heart Vibe Measurement

  • Why choose HeartVibe?

    HRV reveals the secrets of your heart:

    - Your biological age

    - Burnout level

    - Stress resistance

    - Performance potential

    - Sleep quality

    - The effect of specific diets to your body

    - Exercise efficiency

    - More than 30 parameters


    Your body and mental stability are the most important gift you have. Empower them now and live the happy life you deserve!